What does planning for retirement mean? It means that you’re financially prepared to lead the lifestyle of your dreams and that your retirement paychecks (the ones provided from your investments and savings) last a lifetime.  The process involves planning to grow your wealth, while you’re drawing income from it. It’s complicated. We can help.


Services for people nearing or in retirement include:

  • Matching goals with financial realities
  • Selecting the right retirement time-line
  • Social security guidance
  • Retirement income (retirement paycheck) planning
  • Tax-efficient distribution strategies
  • Catch-up contribution strategies
  • Required minimum distribution planning
  • Pension distribution guidance
  • Debt reduction/consolidation guidance (e.g. paying off a mortgage, tuition, etc.)
  • Medical and life insurance planning
  • Long-term care planning
  • Wealth transfer (estate planning) guidance

Being confident in your retirement is part of financial well-being.