Commonwealth Financial Network


As registered investment professionals, we are required to affiliate with a company in order to buy and sell investment products on behalf of investors.  Whole Wealth Management has chosen to work with Commonwealth Financial Network, an independent broker/dealer, which means our firm remains independent, too. We are free to act in your best interest, without pressure to promote a particular product or strategy. It's a model that differs from that of some other, larger financial firms whose financial representatives are accountable not just to their clients, but also to the parent company that employs them.

Commonwealth Financial Network is recognized as one of the nation's largest privately held independent broker/dealers.  Our relationship with Commonwealth provides us with extensive resources including a highly credentialed independent investment research team, attorneys, and insurance professionals.  Commonwealth is also independently owned and managed, which means the firm retains the freedom to allocate resources where they're needed and to act in the best interests of its financial advisors and their clients—not shareholders.


How Commonwealth Helps Us Help You

Commonwealth goes far beyond what's required of a broker/dealer; the entire organization is built around doing whatever it takes to satisfy the independent advisors who affiliate with them, so that we can serve you at the highest level. It's that philosophy and structure —and the wealth of resources it provides—that makes it easier for our firm to provide you with the best possible guidance and the prompt, personal service you deserve.

Investment Choice

As an independent broker/dealer, Commonwealth offers us access to a virtually limitless selection of investment vehicles and truly objective, investment research from its in-house analysts, helping to ensure that we have the freedom to operate in your best interest. 


The firm's advisor-to-staff ratio is one of the best in the industry. This means staff members answer our calls promptly, execute transactions quickly and accurately, and, give our firm the same first-class treatment we strive to give you.


Commonwealth's technology platform is another critical component in our ability to provide you with excellent service and support. Its integrated web-based systems have been nationally recognized and allow us to efficiently manage your portfolio and your overall financial picture. This platform allows you access to your accounts 24/7 from any device you choose.


Commonwealth is second to none in its commitment to safeguarding your privacy and ensuring that your investment data remains secure. From encryption standards to disaster recovery plans and other measures the firm employs, we are confident that the information our clients entrust us with will remain secure.


Commonwealth Research Team

Each of the professionals on this team brings a breadth of experience in the industry, which helps us stay connected to the  latest research and products as we select the best possible solutions to pursue your goals. 

Commonwealth Advanced Planning Specialists Team

This group of advanced planning specialists  help us provide you the best possible advice, keeping us informed on current government policies and codes that impact the taxation and structure of your financial plan. 

Commonwealth Insurance Team

This team of insurance and risk management specialists assist us in our efforts to provide you with the best possible service, helping us identify the insurance policies that will help protect your family, should the unexpected occur. 


Commonwealth Retirement Team

This group of retirement experts provide us with the latest information on the complex intricacies of retirement plan options and tax implications. 

National Financial Services

As part of our effort to provide you with quality service, our broker-dealer, Commonwealth, has an  agreement with  National Financial Services, LLC (NFS)* by which NFS provides trade execution, clearing, and other related services for your brokerage account. NFS is a Fidelity Investments company. The strength and reputation associated with Fidelity Investments is one of the many reasons we are pleased to be connected with NFS. As a privately held business, Fidelity mirrors our spirit of independence. They, too, are free from the distractions and mandates of a publicly held firm, so they can focus on providing quality products and services. The services provided to us from NFS enhance your experience. At the direction of Commonwealth, NFS is responsible for: The execution, clearance, and settlement of securities transactions. Preparing and sending transaction confirmations and periodic statements of your account. The custody (or safekeeping), receipt, and delivery of funds and securities. The extension of margin credit upon approval.


Download this brochure to learn more about National Financial Services, LLC.

*Fidelity Clearing & Custody SolutionsSM provides a comprehensive clearing and custody platform, brokerage services, trading capabilities, and practice management and consulting to registered investment advisors (RIAs), including strategic acquirers and professional asset managers, as well as retirement recordkeepers, broker-dealer firms, banks, and insurance companies through National Financial Services LLC (NFS) or Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC, Members NYSE, SIPC. In addition to providing services to third-party institutions, the NFS brokerage platform supports all the clearing and custody businesses at Fidelity, including Fidelity’s retail and capital markets businesses, bringing NFS assets under administration to $3.1 trillion